Replication Dashboard showing incorrect target state

Ramesh Jampala

Replication Dashboard showing incorrect target state


We are using Q Replication Dashboard v11.3.3. I have set up a uni-direction Q Replication subscription from DB2 z/os to Oracle database using Intermediate Federated Server on Linux. From Replication center  and  Capture and Apply control tables I can see that subscription is active and data changes are getting replicated to target oracle database. But when I look at the subscription state using dash board, it has target state as Other(A) and load as '....loading data...'. I can confirm from the control tables at source and target that subscription status is Active and it does not have any load type. I restarted with dashboard with with DEBUG option and then dashboard log shows that initially it is getting target state as A but it is setting overallState=OP_STATE_OTHER .  Opened a PMR but it was rejected saying IBM discontinued support for Replication Dashboard. 

This is happening for all subscriptions I create not just for a single subscription. 

Any clue on what could be the issue here is greatly appreciated. Attaching the screen shot of dashboard.



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