How to Start Appium server at system boot (MacOS)

Camille Lola

How to Start Appium server at system boot (MacOS)

I am new to Appium. I am trying to setup Appium server to start automatically after system startup. Also, I like it to restart after a crash. Appium was installed as an npm package and it launches and works fine when I type "appium" in the terminal.

So, what I did is created file io.appium.server.plist in /Library/LaunchAgents/ with the following content:


Then assigned proper owner and permissions to this file and executed the command:

sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/io.appium.server.plist

For some reason, this is not starting appium server, I cannot connect to it. The "launchctl list" command reported that my task exited with 78 status code, but in Appium's documentation I cannot find what's meant by this exit code.

$ launchctl list | grep appium
-       78      io.appium.server

What did I miss? Why appium launches fine when its started from a command line but does not start from launched?

I tried moving a plist file into user's directory: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ , changing UserName, but neither helped. I debugged it by setting StandardOutPath and StandardErrorPath keys, what I found is that the output files were created but were empty.


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