NEDB2UG New England DB2 User's Group meeting September 27, 2018

Earl Dugan

NEDB2UG New England DB2 User's Group meeting September 27, 2018
September 2018 Meeting
The next meeting of the New England DB2 User's Group will occur nextThursday, September 27. Meeting time is 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
We will meet at Old Sturbridge Village, Fuller Conference Center.  
We have an excellent lineup of speakers, timely presentations, and some very important announcements.
Whether you're a developer, a DBA, a performance analyst, or a system programmer, this meeting has a lot for everyone who cares about Managing and Maintaining Your Data.
Sponsored by:  Compuware
Theme:  Data Security
Registration will be $20 again. The third person in rule is in effect. The third person from a customer company who attends gets in free. Sorry, this discount is not available for vendors.
Please register by September 21 to help us and the facility plan better.
Earl W. Dugan
Featured Speakers
GDPR and Its Relation to Both Data Security & Insider Threats
John Crossno, Compuware
The GDPR will impact your business in ways you might not have considered, including how you manage data privacy and what level of consideration you give to insider threats. In fact, these two issues are so closely connected to each other and to the GDPR, it’s difficult to talk about one without addressing the other, from an overall security perspective.
In this session, we will discuss:
  • What the GDPR is and how it impacts your business
  • The importance of addressing data privacy while securing systems against insider threats
  • Privatizing production data for use in dev/test environments
  • The types of insider threats that exist
  • Where regulatory compliance fits into the mix
GDPR and Data Privacy – Enterprise IT Considerations
Robin Fuller, Compuware
DevOps is changing the speed of development, and testing is becoming a continuous cycle. Supplying data for various environments has its own requirements and complexities. Add to that adhering to the new GDPR and existing U.S. data privacy regulations, and you have another layer of effort involved. In my session, I will discuss how to streamline these efforts as well as the benefits of centralized administration of data privacy along with the separation of data masking and data movement duties. As I’ll explain, this enables developers, test engineers, and analysts to be more self-sufficient by provisioning data when needed, reducing their need to rely on subject matter experts. I will also discuss how developers and data architects can discover, visualize, and understand the complex relationships in DB2 systems.
Data Security Solutions
Becky Hjellming, Syncsort
We will discuss the latest with high availability and security solutions. In addition, she will introduce you to the Syncsort product family and show you how Syncsort is all about advancing data.
IBM Data Virtualization for the Enterprise
Milan Babiak, IBM
Large amounts of data accumulated over decades on a variety of data management systems present a wealth of information for your enterprise analytics, but satisfying current analytics needs - modern APIs, web services, mobile, real-time analytics, security - presents challenges.
The concept of Data Virtualization addresses these challenges in three key areas:
1. Data Access Modernization for Business Intelligence and Data Science
2. Real Time Analytics
3. Data Access Optimization and Data Security
They provide a universal, transparent data access for modern application developers, data scientists, financial analysts, and many other enterprise data consumers while saving time and ETL costs.
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