HURRY REGISTER FOR LIVE Db2 AI for z/OS Launch Webcast - Date: 2nd Oct 2018

Surekha Parekh

HURRY REGISTER FOR LIVE Db2 AI for z/OS Launch Webcast - Date: 2nd Oct 2018

Just a quick reminder in case you missed the announcement of this webcast next week
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Title: Boost IBM Db2 application performance with machine learning

LIVE webcast with Q &A      Date: 2nd October 2018  

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IBM recently announced Db2 AI for z/OS that empowers the optimizer in Db2 for z/OS to determine the best-performing query access paths, based on your workload characteristics. This new offering can help:
Improve Db2 SQL access path selection
Enhance Db2 application performance
Enable rapid model learning specific to the data and configuration per Db2 subsystem
Leveraging machine learning technology, Db2 AI for z/OS collects data from the optimizer and execution history for Db2 for z/OS that are derived from workloads in your unique operating environment. It then finds patterns from this data and learns the optimal access paths for queries entering Db2 for z/OS as part of the model training process. Models trained and deployed from Db2 AI for z/OS are managed by the security rich infrastructure in Machine Learning for z/OS, which gives defined users a window into the models’ performance metrics.


Surekha Parekh (LinkedIn)
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