how to limit number of connections to instance?

Harishkumar .Pathangay

how to limit number of connections to instance?


As per KC,

Suppose that you do not want to enable the connection concentrator, but you do want to limit the number of connected users. To limit the number of simultaneously connected users to 250, for example, you could set the following database manager configuration parameters:

  • Set max_coordagents to 250.
  • Set max_connections to 250.

The above words from KC is not working the way it should.

If I set at dbm level  max_coordagents 5 and max_connections 5, it is not limiting my connections to instance or database. it is allowing as many connections as under max_applications in db cfg file.

How will I limit my connections to instance? irrespective of databases to a finite number. this feature was there. if I set  max_connections to 10, even if I have multiple databases there can be only 10 connections as long as connection concentrator is off.

when this feature as removed?


harish p

Harishkumar .Pathangay

RE: how to limit number of connections to instance?
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hi ian ,

please look at the following thread.

MAXAPPLS is a control at the database level, where MAX_COORDAGENTS /
MAX_CONNECTIONS are at an instance level.

It is not working as described above. MAX_CONNECTIONS seems not to restrict client connections at all. do not when it got changed.

if it got changed, how will I limit my instance level connections without using WLM techniques.


harish pathangay