Alerts in Omegamon II for db2 subsystem status

Anil Kale

Alerts in Omegamon II for db2 subsystem status

Hello all,

The Omegamon II for db2 subsystems status displays alerts (DB2 activity, locks, active/inact threads, traces, volume activity etc).
There is a menu to set the threshold values for these alerts. But it is a very manual process of setting these thresholds. Does anyone have a more efficient way to get the complete list of thresholds and set them through a batch interface so that it says as a record.
Also, any considerations/best practices that are used to set the threshold values for these alerts?



Avram Friedman

RE: Alerts in Omegamon II for db2 subsystem status
(in response to Anil Kale)

At the time lots of Omegamon exception analysis was put together
1 What was then Candle marketing wanted as many exceptions with 'low' thresholds as possible so they would trip on a walk through giving the marketing tech something to talk to the customer about.  This was done before Omegamon DB2 existed (I am the father of Omegamon DB2)
2. There was competion among monitor vendors as to who had the most exceptions.

Understand, the most useful value for most exceptions is off.

The first step in cleaning up exception analysis is can I conceive of a plan for responding (even if you don't have a plan yet)  If the answer is no turn the exception off.

For exceptions that you have some potencial of using come in many flavors
High and low
for example.
In this sort of set up choose your poison (rate high for example) and turn the other 3 off

Hope this helps in making a start ... Learn the value of turning things off.


Avram Friedman
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