Still Seats Available - Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group March Education Session

Kim May

Still Seats Available - Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group March Education Session
Please join us! We are offering two presentation options at a reduced cost.

For DBA's we will have IBM's Robert Catterall presenting, and for
developers, Tony Andrews from Themis. Abstracts for their day-long sessions
are below. Please select (and attend) one track when you register. The
group will plan to break for a shared lunch for networking.

Date: March 20, 2019

Cost: $100 per person for the first 100 registrations*

Register: HERE

Track 1: Db2 Database Administration

Db2 for z/OS DBA's: News You Can Use

This day-long session for DBAs delivers updates on four topics pertinent to
database administration. Each unique segment will provide up-to-date
information on: 1) leveraging large z/OS LPAR memory resources for improved
Db2 application performance, 2) key metrics for Db2 subsystem and
application performance monitoring and tuning, 3) DDF application
architecture and workload management, and 4) modern Db2 for z/OS physical
database design.

Presenter: Robert Catterall

Robert Catterall is an IBM Senior Consulting Db2 for z/OS specialist. He
started his IT career with IBM in 1982, and worked throughout the 1990s as a
member of the Company's Db2 for z/OS National Technical Support team. From
2000 to 2007, Robert worked as a database technology strategist for
CheckFree (now part of Fiserv). After working for three years as an
independent Db2 consultant, he rejoined IBM in 2010. Robert is a past
President of the International Db2 Users Group (IDUG), and a member of
IDUG's Speakers Hall of Fame. He presents frequently at conferences and user
group meetings, and blogs about Db2 for z/OS at

Track 2: Db2 Developers
New Application Features for Db2 12

Are you still coding and designing SQL from the 90's? The last several
releases of Db2 have brought quality new features that can be used to
improve both functionality and performance for today's complex applications.
This event will help catch you up!

Morning Segment:

* Global Variables: Creation, Usage, Rules, V12 Enhancements

* Transparent Archiving: Automatic Archiving of Data, Data Retrieval
Options, Global Variables for Archiving

* Sequence Objects: Creation, Usage, Sequence vs Identity

* Advanced Groupings: Group By / Having Review , Grouping Sets,
Rollup, Cube

* OLAP Ranking Functions Upgrades:

o Rank, Dense_Rank, Row_Number Review

o Ranking Moving Sums and Avgs

o Rows Between

o Range Between

o Partition By

* SQL Set Operations: Union/Union All Review, Intersect/Intersect
All, Except/Except All, Union Select Into

Afternoon Session:

* SQL Merge: Overview, V12 Enhancements

* SQL : Select From Update, Select From Insert

* SQL Piece-Wise Delete: V12 Enhancement

* SQL Pagination: V12 enhancement


* SQL Procedural Language: Piece Wise Delete, Autonomous Processing,
SQL PL support for Triggers

* Performance Enhancements:

o New Stage 1 Predicates

o V10, V11 New Performance Review

o V12 Performance Enhancements

o Sparse Indexing

o V12 Runtime Adaptive Indexing

o V12 Fast Traverse Indexing

Presenter: Tony Andrews, Developer, Consultant and Trainer

Tony Andrews has more than 25 years' experience in the development of
relational database applications. Most of this time, he has provided
development and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and government
agencies. Tony has written literally thousands of queries and programs
during his development years, and has also served as a database analyst. For
the last 10 years, Tony has been splitting his time between performance and
tuning consulting engagements along with training. His main focus is to
teach today's developers the ways of RDBMS application design, development
and SQL programming -- always with a special emphasis on improving
performance. He is a current IBM Champion, and regular speaker at many
regional user groups, IDUG NA, and IDUG EMEA. He is also the author of a
book for developers titled 'DB2 SQL Tuning Tips for z/OS Developers'.

*the Baltimore/Washington Db2 Users Group is a non-profit organization
funding a portion of this meeting. If registration levels exceed our funds
the per attendee cost will need to be raised to offset expenses.

Kim May, Vice President, Business Development

IBM Champion 2009 - 2019

The Fillmore Group, Inc.

(410) 465-6335 office

(443) 956-0288 mobile

The Fillmore Group has provided technical services to clients worldwide
since 1987. Led by DB2 Gold Consultant Frank Fillmore, TFG sells IBM
software, delivers expert technical services and IBM Authorized Training.


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