DB2 z/OS multi-part dataset aliases

Steven Lamb

DB2 z/OS multi-part dataset aliases

Do many people use multi-part (qualifier) dataset aliases in their DB2 systems?

We use the RESTORE SYSTEM utility heavily and having discrete usercats for the individual subsystems is pretty much a pre-req for this. We use different aliases for different types of dataset. Only certain datasets are recovered by the RESTORE SYSTEM utility and so we have the usercats for the datasets restored held on the disks within the SMS Copypools recovered by the RESTORE SYSTEM.

We use something along the lines of DSN.<ssid> for the BSDS and active log alias, with the alias being in an ICF usercat in the DB2 LG SMS Copypool.

When we go through DSNTINST, we have to post-process the generated jobs to get them to work as we want for things like BSDS and active log names.DB2 v12 introduced some new parms that looked like they're just what we want - you can specify a parm for the BSDS and active log alias! 

The bad news is that the panels etc. still only support a single string of up to 8 chaacters for the alias :(

I'm going to raise an IDEA (i.e. RFE) to see if they'll change SDNTINST