Q about IBM Data Server / DB2 12 / Excel ODBC Character Corruption on Mac

Lance Ziegler

Q about IBM Data Server / DB2 12 / Excel ODBC Character Corruption on Mac


Hi, folks.  Company switched from windows-based to mac workstations and a new adventure with IBM Data Server on Mac.  The problem I am trying to solve is that ODBC / Excel / Microsoft Query returns corrupted characters on Mac.  We observe these extraneous, corrupted characters AFTER the character data we expect.  

It occurs both in column names, and character columns within the result set.  db2level output - 

DB21085I  This instance or install (instance name, where applicable: "*") uses

"64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL11011" with level identifier "0202010F".

Informational tokens are "DB2 v11.1.1.1", "s1612051900", "DARWIN64111", and Fix

Pack "1".

Product is installed at "/Applications/dsdriver".

in /Applications/dsdriver/cfg/db2dsdriver.cfg, what parameters are required to give a correct conversion from DB2 12 z/OS to the excel/odbc spreadsheet?  I tried setting UTF32Encoding to false and true, but still i see the corrupted characters.



<parameter name="UTF32Encoding" value="false"/>


In ~/Library/odbc/odbc.ini, i see a locale specification - 


I tried en-US.UTF8 but I still see those characters.  


Take a very simple query like this:


select creator, name from sysibm.systables where creator =('GMDL') and name like ('DSN%')

The msquery output looks ok, but when we return the resultset to excel, we see two areas of corrupted characters.

1) the column label "creator" actually contains CREATOR with 21 "?" (conversion substitution error?)

2) the content of the column creator is correct, but is followed by 3 unprintable characters.

If this were a full-stop conversion error, everything would appear as rubbish back at excel.  But, it seems like a partial discrepancy where the character column label and content are 'mostly correct'.

Has anyone faced this conundrum?  I have to think a slight adjustment in locale and/or charset in odbc.ini is required?  Any additional parms in the db definition found in db2dsdriver.cfg?

Thanks in advance for considering this one...


Regards, Lance