Db2 z/OS - DECFLOAT support in COBOL

Roy Boxwell

Db2 z/OS - DECFLOAT support in COBOL
Hi all!

I still code COBOL for my sins.... now with DECFLOAT in index support I think COBOL should actually support this datatype... Just doing an Aha! Idea doesnt work that well as it gets bounced as “Will not implement”... But then, with some help – Thanks Nicole! - , I found this


Headline: Provide ISO 2014COBOL Decimal Floating Point Support

ID: 89952


Hidden as an RFE under COBOL Compilers. Please vote if you think it is worthy...


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Subject: [DB2-L] - RE: [External] Change Control

Bill - have you looked into Zowe (opensource) to see what that can provide ?


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On Jul 3, 2019, at 7:36 AM, Gallagher,Bill R <[login to unmask email] <mailto:[login to unmask email]> > wrote:

Hi Carol,

My shop is using Endevor for managing our DB2 native stored procedures as well as DB2 SQL user defined functions. We also do not own the DB2 version of Endevor.

Our Endevor admin created two new Endevor types, one for NSP and the other for UDF. Source code is checked out, checked in, migrated, etc., just like any other Endevor object. The Endevor processors are written to do some validation and substitution of variables coded within the NSP or UDF source code (for schema name, table qualifiers, etc), and then perform the actual deployment across environments through Endevor packages.

We’re also starting to put together a process for one of our customer areas that would prefer to use GitHub for source control and Jenkins for deployment of NSPs and UDFs, as they would prefer to not have to use Endevor. That’s been challenging, but we’ve built something that we think works. We’re just waiting for them to test and signoff on the process.

Bill Gallagher | Senior Systems Engineer, DBA | Data Administration

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Subject: [External] [DB2-L] - RE: Change Control

Here is a question that has been looming for a while. We use Endevor for source control. We would like to start the usage of SQLPL procedures. We do not own the DB2 version of Endevor.

There are 2 ways I see our developers to use SQLPL, one would be logged into TSO , doing development the other would be via Data Studio.

Has anyone integrated either of these development methods with Using Endevor for source control.

We do not want to give create authority directly, but maybe via Endevor ( check in / check out and also using deploy.

How are others accomplishing the development of SQLPL procedures via Source Control?

Hope this makes sense, we are are DB2 v12 z/os,

Thanks, Carol

On Tue, Jul 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM Davage, Marcus <[login to unmask email] <mailto:[login to unmask email]> > wrote:

We at BMC are currently developing a Z-based DevOps orchestration and deployment solution that include DDL migration (using Change Manager), DDL site standards adherence, SQL (DML) performance assurance and validation, and data provisioning. Watch this space.


Marcus Davage

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [DB2-L] - RE: Change Control


I also need to branch the conversation a bit. I’m used to set procedures for backing up current and initiating changes in database structures.

What I am _not_ seeing, is DBA areas using change management processes (and/or DevOps-Agile) for JCL, for code in REXX and SQL and DSNUTILB utilities. Is that P-3, too? Or are people actually using line-compare and testing scenarios and so forth?

How do you test explicit code like a REORG with the tablespace specified? Do you use the same schemas and dbnames in a test environment, as in prod? Do you check in to Librarian, Clear-Case, Panvalet, Git? Are there standards applied?

I’m in a zero-tolerance-for-error environment. I need a well-developed control process to rigorously test and examine production changes. I don’t have one, and my choices are pretty much limited to “build your own.” So recommendations are welcome.


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Subject: [DB2-L] - RE: Change Control

Hi Ludovic,

One important note is that the open source tools you mention keeps "delta scripts" under version control.This is the so-called "migration based" approach. In general, it's up to the developer to understand Db2 for z/OS features and write good scripts. ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN is easy, but what about removing a column or adding a column to the middle of a table? Handling dependent views and stored procedures is also difficult in this approach. The migrated based approach does have a number of advantages.

The alternative is the "state based" approach where the developer have the full DDL under version control and you use a compare engine to figure out the best way to deploy the change. Such tools normally also handle dependent views and stored procedures, re-stablish authorizations, run the appropriate utilities such as REORG and REBIND, etc.

The two approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, and I have seen both in use at customers. The tools you mention are frequently used because the database devops discipline often starts on the customer's distributed databases and then spread to Db2 for z/OS. In some cases they prefer to use the same tools in order to leverage existing pipelines.

If you google "migration based vs state based" you will find that the state based method is often recommended for projects with

* large monolithic databases
* large teams
* large number of changes
* stored procedures
* prototyping applications

Sounds familiar? :)
In Reply to Ludovic Janssens:


DevOps for Db2 has been one of my passions; unfortunately I haven't been working with Db2 more recently anymore. I could provide you with some experiences I had:

One of the things I have seen is that there are several options to integrate Db2 changes with standard Maven/Jenkins deployments.

One of them could be Datical that allows you to do changes starting from a logical data model and incorporates an object compare that is supporting Db2 for z/os: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.datical.com_liquibase_&d=DwMFaQ&c=UrUhmHsiTVT5qkaA4d_oSzcamb9hmamiCDMzBAEwC7E&r=mhV0yJKfitu0qAYB_odGUoLWNP8v4L54s7lNo_VjYxo&m=WsIW7LMi0qalTC0B1hFyhBfGoIBHPBXJxm0ofC2s5Pg&s=0ewie7Ii2nhtdtWqlKb-BHETwG8QQqsJn5r2MS7M6rI&e= https://www.datical.com/liquibase/
[ https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.datical.com_wp-2Dcontent_uploads_cropped-2DDatical-2DTransparent-2DGreen-2Dand-2DBlack-2DLogo.png-255d&d=DwMFaQ&c=UrUhmHsiTVT5qkaA4d_oSzcamb9hmamiCDMzBAEwC7E&r=mhV0yJKfitu0qAYB_odGUoLWNP8v4L54s7lNo_VjYxo&m=WsIW7LMi0qalTC0B1hFyhBfGoIBHPBXJxm0ofC2s5Pg&s=3JPYsCBIBrGBrFHSZmRQFRjoknTczQeZnvBQ-j9y3PE&e= https://www.datical.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-Datical-Transparent-Green-and-Black-Logo.png] https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.datical.com_liquibase&d=DwMFaQ&c=UrUhmHsiTVT5qkaA4d_oSzcamb9hmamiCDMzBAEwC7E&r=mhV0yJKfitu0qAYB_odGUoLWNP8v4L54s7lNo_VjYxo&m=WsIW7LMi0qalTC0B1hFyhBfGoIBHPBXJxm0ofC2s5Pg&s=RhDd2o4SJxh1bMhgsk70FlxdaddVWaAtmS2p22MRZFA&e= https://www.datical.com/liquibase
Liquibase vs. Datical | Datical https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.datical.com_liquibase&d=DwMFaQ&c=UrUhmHsiTVT5qkaA4d_oSzcamb9hmamiCDMzBAEwC7E&r=mhV0yJKfitu0qAYB_odGUoLWNP8v4L54s7lNo_VjYxo&m=WsIW7LMi0qalTC0B1hFyhBfGoIBHPBXJxm0ofC2s5Pg&s=RhDd2o4SJxh1bMhgsk70FlxdaddVWaAtmS2p22MRZFA&e= https://www.datical.com/liquibase
Find out when it's best to use Liquibase vs. when you should use Datical for database schema changes and automated database deployments.
http://www.datical.com www.datical.com

FlywayDB could work too, but as it is SQL based, it is less Agile, because it doesn't support different target technologies.

If you are looking into the integration of e.g. Changeman, you should be looking whether the vendor doesn't offer you an integration with a distributed DevOps tools. Often these allow you to integrate the deployment of your mainframe packages from a distributed platform and even integrate you components in GIT or SVN.

Once you are in a standard DevOps tool, you can also initiate code validation with Unit Tests and visualize the results with eg. SonarQube. Obviously, you could also trigger different processes on the mainframe from the DevOps tool with an appropriate action that can trigger a job on the mainframe.

Finally, if I remember well, Infosphere Optim Query Workload Tuner allows you to capture the results of a performance test and map it onto your application processes in a part of Data Studio. Things can have changed meanwhile.

Hope this helps ��

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Great question! Especially with the big push for Agile and Dev/Ops. In our shop we use Change Man which handles the binds during turnover. And we also use BMC Change Manager for DDL changes. What I would like to see is a product for SQL and Access Path checking that would integrate with Change Man so that we could incorporate it into our turnover process for Production. And also, we have a need (again due to Agile, Dev/Ops) for easy repeatable testing within development before production.


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