[DB2 ZOS DSN11015] Getting less extent for DB2 VSAM / Exceeding the capacity of a Db2 z/OS Tablespac

Philip Sevetson

[DB2 ZOS DSN11015] Getting less extent for DB2 VSAM / Exceeding the capacity of a Db2 z/OS Tablespac

Running out of space in a DB2 TS or Partition is still a potential issue in other circumstances than maxing out secondary extents.

There’s a query somewhere in the archives which looks at the catalog, at DSSIZE, at MAXPARTITIONS, and at SPACEF, and calculates how full (in comparison to the maximum capacity allowed by DB2 and the DDL) a tablespace or partition is. (I don’t recall whether it does the same thing for indexes!) Short version; DB2 does have space limits and it’s possible to define limits which are smaller than DB2’s maximum values.

If that’s a potential concern – for example, if you’re concerned over a partitioned TS filling up one of its partitioned – you may want a copy of the query to tinker with.

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As Steen stated, it lets db2 increase the secondary allocation if secondary extents keep happening. You may not end up with less extents necessarily but since implementing MGEXTSZ years ago I have never had an issue of any tablespace or index running out of room. That used to be a real problem. Funny how those issues would always come up in the middle of the night.

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