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John Bucaria

CA/Platinum DB2 Utilities -Reply -Reply
Thanks for the tip Rob.
Our subsystems are on the same LPAR and are not part of any data sharing group. The PARMLIB members appear to be correctly setup. A test of the scenario you suggested again yielded the -924.

I'm following up on a suggestion which came from Steen Rasmussen (CA Scandinavia) related to a DB2 PTF which solved an identical problem one of his customers had not long ago. Looks promising !

I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome as soon as I can get this applied and tested.


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I have not seen this before at the sites where I support the products.
It sounds like you are doing a subsystem to subsystem compare. Are the
2 subsystems on the same LPAR or separate? Are the 2 subsystems part of
a data sharing group. Depending on the answers to these questions you
might have to look at the SETUP and MIGRATOR members of PARMLIB to
insure they are set up correctly. Assuming you have DDF between the two
subsystems give this a try. This will use DDF to connect to the target
and get the information it needs while running the compare on the source
side. Let me know what happens when you set it up this way. My example
uses primary object of DB, which is not really important, actually you
should be able to do the same compare since I am using the platinum
database in my example. Let me know if this works for you.

1) create a compare strategy
2) select option 1, subsystem to subsystem
3) Use following for RC/M Compare Strategy.


Source Subsystem Specification:
Obj Name ===> PTDB Obj Creator: *
Where = N
Target Subsystem Specification:
OBJ Name ===> PTDB Obj Creator: *
Where = N

This assumes:
DBTT = Test Subsystem (source)
DBPP = Prod Subsystem (target)

SETUP parmlib member would have:



Give this a try and let me know if it works for you.


John Bucaria wrote:
> Greetings everyone!
> While we're on the subject of the CA/Platinum tools and support, we've had a problem with RC/Migrator for many months. CA's tech support has been unable to help us resolve this. They keep telling us to rebind their plans which has no effect.
> When attempting to create a "compare" type strategy in RC/Migrator to compare an object in 2 different subsystems, a -924 SQLCODE is returned from the "RC/M Create Compare Strategy" screen. Then you are returned to the "RC/M Strategy Services" screen without a strategy having been created. This has been a problem since we first applied the 97G maintenance and is still a problem under the 97H maintenance even though CA support told us the 97H would "probably" fix this.
> Sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions?
> Being able to migrate changes from a test subsystem to production (without having to re-key the change) is probably the major reason for having RC/Migrator in my view. The compare function is essential to being able to accomplish this.
> Thanks in advance for your ideas !
> John