$125 Sessions at the DB2 Symposium Jan 29-31

Susan Lawson

$125 Sessions at the DB2 Symposium Jan 29-31
$125 1-day sessions at the DB2 Symposium!!!

In celebration of our new Springfield, IL - USA
office, YL&A is offering all full day sessions at the
DB2 Symposium in Springfield, IL - January 29-31st at
125$ per student per full day session.

1-Day Sessions include:

* Adv Prg: Triggers,UDFs & Stored Procs - Richard
* SQL Design, Performance and Tuning - Terry Purcell
* DB2 UDB Unix/NT/Linux Design and Performance - Scott
* Data Warehousing: Design, Performance and Tuning -
Richard Yevich
* Advanced and Complex SQL - Terry Purcell
* DB2 V6/V7 Impacts on Performance - Susan Lawson
* DB2 High Performance Design - R. Yevich/S. Lawson
* DB2 for OS/390 Backup and Recovery - Klass Brant
* DB2 Application and Tuning - Klass Brant

Please go to www.db2-symposium.com to register and to
obtain more information on sessions/instructors.

All attendees will receive a copy of the 'Top 20
Performance Myths Poster', Vol 1.1 of the DB2
Performance Journal, session handouts, breakfast,
lunch and refreshments.

Susan Lawson
Yevich, Lawson and Associates, Inc
www.ylassoc.com - DB2 Performance Journal

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