New Redbook Release! : SG24-6128-00 DB2 UDB V7.1 Porting Guide

III Edward(Ed) J. Finnell

New Redbook Release! : SG24-6128-00 DB2 UDB V7.1 Porting Guide
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>Form Number: SG24-6128-00
> Title: DB2 UDB V7.1 Porting Guide
> Can now be downloaded as a PDF file and ordered in hardcopy two weeks
> following the Publish Date! (see
> for online access)
> This IBM Redbook is intended to help database administrators and system
> designers perform database and application conversion from Sybase to DB2
> Universal Database (DB2 UDB) Version 7.1. It contains a description of the
> conversion process and suggestions on how the mapping of database features
> may be accomplished.
> The target audience of this redbook is database administrators and system
> designers with background in Sybase and/or DB2 UDB for AIX.
> This book was written from the AIX operating system perspective, and some
> commands shown in this book may not be available on other operating
> systems. However, all sections in this book except some operating system
> specific commands and operations should be applicable for database systems
> on non-AIX operating systems such as Solaris and Windows NT.
> This redbook is available in hardcopy format via : The
> PDF of this redbook is also
> available for downloading and printing via:
> Publish Date: December 11, 2000 ISBN Number: 0738419400
> Access Information
> To obtain a copy of this redbook, you can:
> Access the IBM Redbooks Home page to download the PDF or view the book
> online at:
> Outside IBM:
> Inside IBM:
> Note: Registration is required to access IBM Redbooks PDFs. Please use
> the Registration button on the
> IBM Redbooks homepage if you are not already registered.
> Order SG24-6128-00 through PUBORDER (Internal to IBM) or
> See 'How to Order' options (WWW, email, mail, fax, phone) at:
> Authors: Tetsuya Shirai, Kenji Horino, John Russell, John V. Partridge Jr.,
> Art Sammartino
> Announcement Contact: Tetsuya Shirai E-mail: [login to unmask email]
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