450+ links about DB2 for OS/390 (12/20/00)


450+ links about DB2 for OS/390 (12/20/00)

Here is a non-profit website about DB2 for OS/390 (IBM mainframes):

- English : http://www.db2usa.com
- Français: http://www.db2france.com

Last update on Wednesday, December 20th 2000

- Links about DB2
IBM broadcasts an e-seminar named Siebel eBusiness Solutions and DB2
for OS/390 (free registration) with Ken Llacera, Director Product
marketing, IBM products.

Read IBM DB2 Tools manuals available on IBM website.

Take a look at The Source Net's DB2 resources page.

- Technical papers:
Craig Mullins' article published in DB2 Update is available on line:
Using Timestamp columns versus Date and Time columns by Craig
Mullins, DB2 Update, December 2000.

Read DB2 Standards for Indiana University.

- Newsgroups and FAQ about DB2:
Take a look at:
- DB2 FAQ of the University of Iowa.
- DB2 FAQ on SAS/Access from SAS Technical Support.

- DB2 redbooks:
Join the team to write a new redbook:
e-business with DB2 for OS/390, SW-M413

A new redbook is available on line:
SG24-5953-00 2000-09-06 Siebel 2000 Database Implementation on OS/390
using NT Siebel Servers and HTML.

Read redbooks available on CD-ROM right now on the Web in HTML format:
- S/390 Redbooks Collections bookshelves Discs 1 and 2
- Dabatase Redbooks bookshelf

Take a look at Light Year Consulting's DB2 redbooks page.

- DB2 conferences
Forty DB2 presentations available on line are now sorted by subject.
A DB2 version 7 presentation is available on Light Year Consulting website:
DB2 Version 7 - Migration considerations from V5 to V6 by Roger
Miller and Thomas Beyer, December 2000
Audio version available until December 21st 2000.

Session descriptions of IDUG 13th North American conference: Orlando
(USA) 13-17 May 2001 are available on line.
You can plan your own DB2 for OS/390 presentations agenda preventing
conflicting sessions.

Upcoming Share conferences:
- Share 96 North American: Long Beach, CA (USA) 25 February - 2 March 2001.
- Share 97 North American: Minneapolis, MN (USA) 22 - 27 July 2001.

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