Stored Procedure with IMS - Sample

Jacob Ganzel

Stored Procedure with IMS - Sample
Hello list.

I need a sample of a Stored Procedure that reads DB2 data and updates

Thanks a lot.
Jacob Ganzel

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Aurora Dell'Anno

Re: Stored Procedure with IMS - Sample
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I am posting this reply I received, from posting your question on the

I am sure Dougie will not mind if you contact him offline, as he himself

once again, happy festive season and btw Dougie thanks a bunch :-) .

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Dougie Lawson
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21/12/2000 17.55
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I've been working with Mark Leung of IBM Oztralia this week. Mark is
currently working on an update to his old Stored Procs redbook

His new book (500+ pages sitting on my desk) is not out there as a
RedPiece, so I won't give you the title and form-number.

One thing that it does include is many words on ODBA. We even have a
sample, that I wrote, that runs IMS commands from a stored proc.

So the best available at the moment is the DB2 ODBA sample in
PQ23411/UQ26564 V5.1 or base code V6.1. DB2.SDSNSAMP(DSN8ECx) and the
phase 6 jobs DSNTEJ61/62 to run it.

To run that sample you'll need to update the PSB for DFSIVP6 and add
a name TELEPCB1 to the DB pcb (using the label field or

Send me a note offline to mailto:[login to unmask email] and you can
have my PL/I SP that does ICMD/RCMD thru ODBA.

Regards, Dougie.

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