DB2 Replicaton using CAPTURE & APPLY (Urgent!)

Amitabh Akolkar

DB2 Replicaton using CAPTURE & APPLY (Urgent!)

It would be really helpful if anyone could help me at the earliest!

We are trying to replicate from DB2 PE to DB2 WorkGroup over the internet using DB2 provided Apply and Capture programs.

For this we are bound to add the remote system in the Control Center and then replicate. But we are trying to access the Remote System through a proxy server over the LAN. Our network is NT.

Please help as to how to replicate between the DB2 PE and Online Server having DB2 WorkGroup edition through a proxy server.

Also is it compulsory to map the remote system in the control center of the PE to replicate.

Awaiting your response at the earliest.

Thanking you & Best Regards,

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