Sqlcode -904, reason 00c20031

Lucchetti Bruno

Sqlcode -904, reason 00c20031
We use DB2 V5R1(OS/390).
Some programs receive Sqlcode -904 with Reason 00c20031; the insterested DB2
objects are index .
These programs are very old and some of these run daily more than one
Several execution of these programs are OK, and the rerun of these
thatreceived -904 is generaly OK.

Last two facts in our System were:
a)On monday 18 evening IPL for application of some Ptf to DFSMS/MVS V1R4
and HSM; we started to have the -904 problem the day after at 3 p.m.
Stopping and restart the DB2 subsystem seems to bypass the problem.
Ibm sent us some Ptfs for DB2 that we applied to another subsystem for a
short test.

b)Alawys on Monday 18 afternoon the installation of 80 GB of dasd on a RVA
string that we use to store Db2 table and Index.

Had anyone of the LIST similar problem in the past?


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