Happy Hoildays from the DB2-L list owners

John Morrill

Happy Hoildays from the DB2-L list owners

With another year coming to a close to take this opportunity to thank all
the people that have made DB2-L such a great success.

DB2-L has over 3000 subscribers in sends out over 82,000 messages a day. We
are a recognized authority in DB2 community.

I would like to thank the Associate List Owners Janis Thomas, Philip Gunning
and Lynne Flatley. This list would not be possible without their daily hard
work to help our subscribers with the various problems that crop up.

I would like to think Charles Golson for all his hard work in keeping the
list server up and running.

I would like to thank RYC Inc and Richard Yevich for providing us a home and
the resources that make DB2-L possible.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you, the subscribers. Your unselfish
willingness to help each other has made the DB2-L one of the most successful
communities on the internet. With subscribers from over the world helping
each other daily to solve problems, we have set the standards of the global
online community for others to aim at.


J. Michael Morrill
DB2-L Chief List Owner