Michael Ebert

Hello List!

1. When I create a TS, how does DB2 determine the PSID to use? Is this
documented somewhere?
2. How can I create a TS with a given PSID (one not used otherwise)?

I recently did a cleanup of SYSLGRNX to remove entries for dropped TSs (from a
discussion on MODIFY a couple of months ago, we know that old SYSLGRNX records
are removed when the DBID/PSID is reused, not when the TS is dropped). I did
this by simply creating dozens (or hundreds) of TSs in databases with old
records, Imagecopying them, MODIFY DELETE AGE(*) (which removes all SYSCOPY and
SYSLGRNX records), DROP TS. Worked as intended, except that DSNDB07 can't be
handled like this, and there was one TS with a PSID in the 3000 range that would
have required the creation of 1600 TSs which I didn't want to do - and I have no
idea how it got that high a PSID. (Normally, the PSID is assigned in increments
of two).

Just now there are new unused SYSLGRNX entries for dropped TSs in a development
DB. And the procedure above doesn't work anymore: the PSIDs for the new TSs are
assigned starting after the highest existing one, instead of DB2 searching from
1 on, as I had expected (and as was the case before). The PSIDs I need are
between existing ones. What has happened to change DB2s behaviour (no

Have a Happy New Millenium

Dr. Michael Ebert
DB2 Database Administrator
aMaDEUS Data Processing
Erding / Munich, Germany