SQL1652N when executing db2start from a script

Odd Bjørn Andersen

SQL1652N when executing db2start from a script
I have just migrated a database from DB2 version 5.2 to version 6.1 (fixpack
6) on Windows NT. After migration I experienced something strange. I have
some scripts used for different purposes, and these scripts worked all right
under version 5.2. But now some of the commands in the scripts returns an
error: SQL1652N File I/O error occured. For instance will db2start and
db2dart return that error, while db2stop executes ok. BUT: this only occurs
when I try to execute the commands from within a script. When they are run
from a DB2 Command Window, they run ok.

I have other databases on version 6.1 (Windows NT) where this works ok, but
these databases were created on v 6.1 and not migrated.

Has anybody experienced something similar, or any suggestions about what
might be wrong ?

Thanks in advance !

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