CCSID - DB2v6.1 for OS/390

Murari Selvakesavan

CCSID - DB2v6.1 for OS/390
Hi all,

We recently in our shop migrated from DB2v5.1 to DB2v6.1 for OS/390. Before we moved on we had our Single-byte coded character set identifier CCSID used for character conversion defined as 0 and the Encoding Scheme as EBCDIC in our installation. This means all Databases and tablespaces defined under the subsystem assumed value 0 as SBCS_CCSID.

In the new installation we noticed that after we moved this value is defined to be as 37 which infact is the right value for U.S. English according to IBM manuals. Does any of you have further insight about this or throw some light on what this value actually needs to be under V6.1? Is this change a part of the version change? Recommendations are welcome.

Murari Selvakesavan.
DB2 DBA Group
First Health Corporation
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Roger Miller

Re: CCSID - DB2v6.1 for OS/390
(in response to Murari Selvakesavan)
If you have not looked at the appendix in the Installation Guide for
character conversion, now would be a good time. Changing from zero to the
correct one is the safest of the conversions, but changing the CCSID
specification can mean loss of data integrity.

Roger Miller, DB2 for OS/390