New tablespaces SYSSEQ & SYSSEQ2

Sharon Zitterman

New tablespaces SYSSEQ & SYSSEQ2
Hi all,

As a result of migration to DB2 V6 and IBM APAR PQ30652 / PTF UQ38405, we now have 2 additional tablespaces in our DB2 catalog.

We are currently using BMC copy for our catalog copy and added an additional copy statement (ahead of the DB2CATALOG wildcard) for the 2 new tablespaces.

Has anyone addressed these 2 tablespaces? How did you incorporate them into your backups? Will DB2 being looking for them during a recovery and where did they end up in the catalog tablespace recovery sequence? And, can the rest of the catalog be recovered without them?

The IBM DB2 V6 Utility Guide we currently have makes no reference to these new tablespaces.

Thanks in advance,
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Isaac Yassin

New tablespaces SYSSEQ & SYSSEQ2
(in response to Sharon Zitterman)
Those tables are for the identity columns.
You should take a backup of them together with the catalog backup and
incorporate them in the recover catalog process. Since the catalog itself
does not use (yet) identity columns you can safly recover them last.

Isaac Yassin
DBMS & IT Consultant
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Roger Miller

Re: New tablespaces SYSSEQ & SYSSEQ2
(in response to Isaac Yassin)
I did a quick check, and the DSNTIJIC job was updated to include SYSSEQ and
SYSSEQ2 in APAR PQ30652. The order for recovery is specified in the updated
Utilities Guide and Reference soft copy, dsnug0g2.pdf. SYSSEQ and SYSSEQ2
are there. There is also a note in the updated Administration Guide for
point in time recovery.

Roger Miller, DB2 for OS/390