RRSAF .....why JDBC wants it ???

Max Scarpa

RRSAF .....why JDBC wants it ???
We implemented Java in our test system, we installed the new driver and we
run the samples pgms. We had some problems but all worked fine after a

Now we are installing JDBC in another subsystem. We made the same things we
did for the test subsystem BUT NOW,
and we don't know why, when we run a sample program, the same program want
to connect to target DB2 using RRSAF, not CAF as specified in /etc/profile

We run db2genJDBC (and the db2sqljproperties file was corrected), we
specified the CLI member with MVSATTACHTYPE=CAF, we bound plans/package but
nothing changed. The program WANTS to connect via RRSAF.

We found in IBM's JAVA site there was a man having the opposite problem
(connection via CAF but he wanted to use RRSAF...) , but there's no
suggested solution.

May be an off-topic question but is there anyone who knows where JDBC get
that &%#696969^# RRSAF connection ?

Thanks in advance
Max Scarpa

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Jodi Murawski

Re: RRSAF .....why JDBC wants it ???
(in response to Max Scarpa)
We just recently had the same discovery. I found the explanation on RRSAF
in the
'DB2 for OS/390 Applications and Programming Reference Guide for Java' at
IBM's web site
in books online.

Jodi Murawski
Metavante Corp.

Max Scarpa

Re: RRSAF .....why JDBC wants it ???
(in response to Jodi Murawski)
Hi Jodi, thanks for ypur reply.

Can you tell me where did you find the explanation in the manual ?

I read JAVA manuals, but I find that you can use RRSAF or CAF to access to
DB2 data. The problem is that I configured

the profiles as suggested, but when I run the application program it try
to connect to DB2 via RRSAF, it doesn't detect the
connection type specified in ect/profile or in CLI profile. It seem a bug
of the native driver.

Thanks & Regards

Max Scarpa