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Tarih: 15 Aralýk 1999 Çarþamba 21:39
Konu: Re: DB2 5.0 stored procedures and servlets

>We had this problem back in June, and I opened a PMR with IBM. The problem
>is passing a string as an INOUT parameter. The workaround for this is to
>use one parameter for input and separate parameter for output. I have
>included a portion of the interchange I had with IBM.
> -IBM -5740XYR00 - 99/06/28-12:01-
>I have spoken with John about this problem and the suspected bug. I
>have also suggested a couple of possible temp. bypasses/workarounds
>(e.g. change stored proc to use IN or OUT but not INOUT parms)
>to try until a fix can be provided. We also discussed the possibility
>of providing the fix for this as part of the JDBC driver rewrite
>(PQ19814) rather than fixing in the current JDBC driver. John will
>perform some additional testing to try to determine if they will require
>a fix before the closure of PQ19814. Tom T.
> -IM06949 LNK1 -5740XYR00 - 99/06/29-15:11-
> I tried swapping the setString and the registerOutputParm. I got a
>different error. I intend to try using IN and OUT only and not using
>INOUT. I'll let you know how it goes. John O'
> -IBM -5740XYR00 - 99/06/30-08:07-
>Hello John, Thanks for the update. Please let us know the results.
>Regards, Maria Weinerth
> -IM06949 LNK1 -5740XYR00 - 99/07/02-12:55-
>I replaced the INOUT parm with two parms, one IN the other OUT, and it
>worked. I believe that this is an adequate work around for us until the
>new JDBC/SQLJ driver is available.
><snip> (four months later, same PRM)
> -IBM -5740XYR00 - 99/11/12-13:56-
>Hi John,
> Sorry for the delay in responding....We will be implementing the
>sqlj 1.0 specification. As you've probably already figured out, we
>didn't make the aug 15 date. I just got out of a sqlj status meeting,
>and it looks like we will make the Nov. 30th date.
>Thanks for your patience,
>Tom Brooks
> -SYSTEM GENERATED TEXT--5740XYR00 - 99/12/10-21:58-
> .
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>From: Daniel Kirby [mailto:[login to unmask email]
>Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 9:03 AM
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>Subject: Re: DB2 5.0 stored procedures and servlets
>Just after my last e-mail, the DBA granted access to the package to public
>and the stored procedure call now works. Progress. I then tried to call a
>simple stored procedure that uses an
>integer output parameter and a string input-output parameter, but I get a
>-113 SQLCODE (invalid characters in a string) when performing
>CallableStatement CStmt = con.prepareCall("{call STPROC3[?,?]}");
>ResultSet rs = CStmt.executeQuery();
>Any ideas?
>Steven Camitta wrote:
>> Daniel,
>> Are you closing the result set?
>> rs.close()
>> Rgds,
>> Steve
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>> From: Daniel Kirby [mailto:[login to unmask email]
>> Sent: Friday, December 10, 1999 11:43 AM
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>> Subject: DB2 5.0 stored procedures and servlets
>> Dear All, I am trying to call a DB2 5.0 (mainframe) stored procedure from
>> java servlet.
>> I am using driver on a NT server using
>> servletexpress.
>> The stored procedure returns one result set.
>> Trying to call a stored procedure with IN parameters fails on
>> "executeQuery".
>> I tried to call a new stored procedure with no IN or OUT parameters.
>> This time the executeQuery worked, but I get a CLI failure on,
>> telling me that I have executed something out of sequence.
>> What else can you do after an executeQuery other than
>> There is a problem either with my code or with the driver.
>> Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
>> I know that stored procedures can be called in servlets.
>> All I know is that at the moment it cannot be done by me.
>> I will be grateful for any pointers.