DB2 5.0 stored procedures and CLI

Daniel Kirby

DB2 5.0 stored procedures and CLI
Does anyone have any experience calling a DB2 5.0 OS390 stored procedure
through CLI (via a java servlet)? I am getting an SQL return code -805. The
server containing the servlet is local and the manual seems to say that we
must bind the stored procedure package with the plan DSNACLI. We have tried
to bind the package with one of the collections under the plan DSNACLI and
then rebind the plan, but to no avail.

It has taken 2 weeks to isolate this sql code.
Any help will be gratefully received.

Viswanathan N

Re: DB2 5.0 stored procedures and CLI
(in response to Daniel Kirby)
hi !!

The funda behind the stored procedure is . The stored procedures when
called from java servlets don't need a plan to execute. It just requires a
package. Now when we call from the servlet it tries to create a package
with collection ID as NULLID. So give PACKADM authority to the person on
Collection ID NULLID and create the package in NULLID , and then execute
the same . It will work . Otherwise. Create the package in some other
collection ID and then set the current collection Id as that collection ID
from the servlet ann execute.