Integrity Control Facility/BLOBs

Michael Ebert

Integrity Control Facility/BLOBs
Hello all,

can somebody point me in the right direction for the following two questions:

1. What is a product called "DB2 Integrity Control Facility (ICF)", and how can
I find out if it is installed/operating? It's probably something quite old.
2. Are BLOBs (for storing e.g. audio, video, images) part of DB2
(V5/V6/retrofit)? What is the syntax (column definition), restrictions, other
things you should know for a start?

We're currently on V5, running on OS/390 R2.6 and planning to go for V6 & R2.8
early next year.

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Michael Ebert
DB2 Database Administrator
aMaDEUS Data Processing
Erding / Munich, Germany