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Product Tours

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Hand on Labs

Each hands on lab is a Proof of Technology that explores various aspects of each product. 

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How to Videos

Installing Jupyter Notebook Extensions for Db2.png

Jupyter Notebooks is an open-source web application that allows you to interactively create documents with live code. This video shows you how to integrate Db2 with Jupyter notebooks to give you the ability to quickly prototype SQL, build applications, analyze results, and graph data all within a notebook.

Accessing Db2 from a Jupyter Notebook.png

The Db2 %sql magic command simplifies access to databases when using a Jupyter notebook. This video walks you through the syntax of the %sql magic command with examples of the types of queries that you can execute. No knowledge of underlying database APIs or code are required to become productive with Db2 and Jupyter notebooks!

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Db2 Knowledge Center

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