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 WebinarDb2: the AI Database Webinar

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Learn about some of the latest trends in data management and AI and how this can provide for a more powerful database that can accelerate AI development initiatives.


451 Research Whitepaper Pathfinder Report

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Whitepaper: Accelerating AI with Data Management; Accelerating Data Management with AI

This 451 Research paper explores the benefits of AI-driven data management and includes considerations for decision makers.

Db2 11.5 Solution Brief

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Powered by AI and built to empower intelligent businesses, discover in this solution brief why IBM Db2 v11.5 is the AI database.

Customer Story

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The benefits of migrating from Oracle Database to IBM Db2

Discover how migrating from Oracle Database to IBM Db2 transformed the business of Owens-Illinois, a large manufacturer with a global reach and data infrastructure. Benefits such as lower total cost of ownership, faster query performance and reduced server footprint have now allowed Owens-Illinois to shift their budget and mindset to be more strategically focused.