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Modern indexes for modern data

Modern indexes for modern data The age of data is here, and though it actually started several decades ago, we can say that data is evolving, perhaps too quickly, and the need to understand it is increasing. There is a lot of research on new trends, new ways to store a table, new ways to...

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DB2 12 In-Memory Feature: Fast Index Traversal

DB2 12 In-Memory Feature: Fast Index Traversal Akiko Hoshikawa & Nina Bronnikova, IBM, Silicon Valley Lab DB2 12 is classified as an in-memory data base by Gartner. It is not just a simple in-memory data base but a very smart one. In this paper, we explain one of the most...

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Timestamps, Zones and Indexes by John Maenpaa

Photo by Jenny Rollo Written by John Maenpaa, Senior Manager, Health Care Service Corporation. With the recent switch over to daylight savings time, I’ve been giving some thought to the idea that we should consider our timestamps more carefully. ...

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IDUG @ 25: Career and Performance Tips for IBM DB2 LUW from Scott Hayes

I’d like to first begin by thanking all of the IDUG volunteers. IDUG Orlando 2013 marks my 25th North American Conference that I have attended. I served on the Conference Planning Committee (CPC) in 1999 and I know it is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun and a great way to connect...

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[D04] Index Jump Scans and Updated Rules for Optimal DB2 LUW Index Design

DB2 LUW V10 introduces Index Jump Scans as a new, more efficient, index access method. This session will do a deep dive analysis of Index Jump Scans and related performance benefits. Science projects and case studies will be explored and updated index design guidelines will be offered. ...


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Script to aid in identifying possible redundant indexes in a database

Often a single-column index may not be of great help if there exists a composite index with 2 or more columns having the first column identical to one present in a single-column index. As these are of little use, the enclosed script provides an automated way to report in large environments on...


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DB2 LUW Index Design Best Practices

DB2 LUW Index Design Best Practices and Case Studies - this is a recorded replay of a Webinar offered by Scott Hayes at