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REXX with JCL to extract all catalog Stored Procedures that reformats to FB72 

Oct 05, 2021 08:32 AM

Db2 native Stored Procedures that need to be retrieved from the catalog may need to be reformatted to 72 chars per line.
This REXX extracts and reformats such Stored Procedures.
Also attached the JCL to run the REXX.

The REXX has a few values to be changed as site dependent.
Value is which is the high level qualifiers of the dataset to store the output.
This must match the JCL value.

JCL also tweaked to remove any internal org info.

You will also need to change the PROCLIB & JCLLIB info as required.

Changes made:

 JOB(dddd) is the accounting info

Sss = Db2 subsystem id, aka ssid = dataset qualifiers, must match REXX values

Xxxx = last 4 chars of the schema, e.g. p001 for PROD

txt file
XTRJCL.txt   1 KB   1 version
Uploaded - Oct 05, 2021
txt file
XTRPROCS.txt   5 KB   1 version
Uploaded - Oct 05, 2021

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