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Off to the races: Running Runstats by Howard Goldberg

Off to the races: Running Runstats by Howard Goldberg One of the most common maintenance activities performed on a Db2 LUW database is running Runstats on tables and indexes. Accurate database statistics are vital for the Db2 Optimizer to produce the most optimal plans. The optimizer...

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“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

The evolution of technology has driven the necessity for highly available systems and applications. Customer loyalty is directly related to their user experience which includes application functionality, performance and availability. Customer interfacing applications are often held to System...

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IDUG 25th Anniversary 7 Tips for DB2 Performance by Dave Beulke

As DB2 reaches its 30 th anniversary and IDUG reaches its 25 th anniversary, I’ve thought about many DB2 tips and best practices that have been incorporated by companies, projects and applications that have led to great successes. The ones that have been most common and have had the greatest...

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IDUG @ 25: Career and Performance Tips for IBM DB2 LUW from Scott Hayes

I’d like to first begin by thanking all of the IDUG volunteers. IDUG Orlando 2013 marks my 25th North American Conference that I have attended. I served on the Conference Planning Committee (CPC) in 1999 and I know it is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun and a great way to connect...

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[F12] To include or not include? That is the quesstion.

DB2 V10 introduced the ability to include non-key columns in a unique index, allowing index only access without affecting the unique key. That's great for the transaction benefiting from index only access, but what about the other transactions that access this index? Can they be negatively...