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Feature Engineering for initial insights

Whether you’re a seasoned Db2 professional or you’re just beginning, keeping up with Db2 metrics is no trivial task, and you will have to become familiar with lots of metrics, parameter names and meaningful numbers if you want to be successful and have a deep understanding of your environment,...

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IDUG EMEA 2018 Wrap-up

Written by: Mateja Jankovič, IDUG EMEA 2018 Conference Chair The 2018 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference took place in St. Julians, Malta, November 4 – 8, where History & Present are combined . Malta is at the edge of Europe but it was often in the center of the history what reflects on...

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IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education

Written By Fred Sobotka, Db2 Gold Consultant, FRS Consulting This week’s IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education that not only brings DBAs and developers them up to date with Db2, but also helps them navigate the landscape of data science, fast data, regulatory...

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The Data Tech Summit at the IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Malta

Author: Eberhard Hechler The IDUG Db2 Tech Conference is not only about Db2 anymore. In the past, the scope was limited to pure Db2-related in-depth functions and features for DBAs and application programmers, such as tips and tricks on Db2 performance optimization, understanding Db2 logging,...

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SQL Percentiles

With the SQL OLAP RANK and DENSE RANK functions being around for a while in SQL programming, it is quite easy to query for the TOP XX from data. Take for example the following query that will return the TOP 5 employees out of the EMP table based on the column SALARY. DENSE RANK will be used...

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What's New for BLU in DB2 11

This month's IDUG Tech Talk video was recorded at the 2016 IDUG DB2 EMEA Tech Conference in Brussels, Belgium. DB2 11 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows includes a broad set of enhancements to BLU Acceleration, taking the columnar in-memory database technology to a new level of maturity, performance...

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IDUG Tech Talk: Advanced In-Database Analytics Using R

Analytics using R is often driven from client side applications such as RStudio and generally involves transmission of the large amounts of data from the database server to the clients for analysis. This method of doing the analysis can be slow given the limited resources on database client...

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Integrated Transaction and Analytics Processing on IBM z Systems by Roland Seiffert and Ruiping Li

Integrated Transaction and Analytics Processing on IBM z Systems Roland Seiffert STSM, z System Performance and Design IBM Germany Ruiping Li STSM, z Analytics IBM Silicon Valley Lab Conventional wisdom has for decades prescribed multi-layer...

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Our Road to Success with the DB2 Analytics Accelerator

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) has proven to be a big success in enabling analytics on DB2 z/OS data. Roberta Barnabè gave a well-received presentation at IDUG EMEA 2015 in Dublin on how her company implemented IDAA. This presentation is full of practical advice and can help any shop...