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Quick Guide to Compression for Db2 Column-Organized Tables

IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration is commonly used in warehouse environments to facilitate industry-leading analytical processing of data. This technology is composed of many valuable pieces, but two that we regularly highlight are extreme compression and advanced query performance. While both...

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Db2 Architecture Overview and BLU

Here is Keri Romanufa with a presentation covering the architecture of Db2, including what is new with Db2 11.5 IhV4

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The Db2 Parallel Universe

DB2/LUW is a relational database the can be used for many types of applications, from operational systems running very high number of users and transaction to data marts and large data warehouses. DB2 is particularly good at running complex query and analytical processing on a variety of...

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What's New for BLU in DB2 11

This month's IDUG Tech Talk video was recorded at the 2016 IDUG DB2 EMEA Tech Conference in Brussels, Belgium. DB2 11 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows includes a broad set of enhancements to BLU Acceleration, taking the columnar in-memory database technology to a new level of maturity, performance...

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DB2 for LUW V11.1 BLU Performance

DB2 11.1 BLU Performance One of the best features of DB2 BLU is that columnar tables are not in a separate database from row organized tables. They are both processed by the same runtime and you can combine both row and columnar tables in the same query. However, the actual...

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Scaling DB2 BLU Horizontally with DB2 for LUW V11.1 (by Joe Geller and Ian Bjorhovde)

Scaling DB2 BLU Horizontally with DB2 11.1 By: Joe Geller & Ian Bjorhovde The DB2 BLU Engine, which introduced column-organized tables, was released with DB2 10.5 and greatly enhanced in 10.5 Fixpack 4. Even though the performance of analytical queries showed tremendous...

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Shadow Tables – Performance observations using Infosphere Change Data Capture

by Somu Chakrabarty and Iqbal Goralwalla, Triton Consulting IBM has introduced the concept of shadow tables in DB2 10.5 Fixpack 4 (also known as the “Cancun Release”) to avoid separate OLTP and OLAP databases and to improve analytic query performance in a single OLTP database without using...

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IDUG Tech Talk: Monitoring BLU Acceleration in Depth by David Kalmuk

The BLU Acceleration Technology introduced in DB2 10.5 brings with it a host of new monitoring considerations and metrics. This session will introduce you to the new monitoring capabilities that support BLU Acceleration and through practical examples will show you how you can leverage these in...

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IDUG Tech Talk. Access Paths for DB2 10.5 for LUW Column Based Tables by Mark Gillis

One of the selling points of DB2 10.5 and the Columnar options is that existing row-based tables can be converted to column-based tables and will be accessed by DB2 seamlessly and with no extra effort from the DBA. All well and good, and the performance should be much better, but what if it’s...