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How Much is Enough REAL Storage

Over the years as Db2 has traded real storage exploitation for CPU and zIIP MIPS reductions, customers have become more aggressive at utilizing these techniques. Db2 buffer pool expansion, EDM and authorization cache pools, as well as persisting threads through the use of KEEPDYNAMIC and RELEASE...

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Understanding DB2 for LUW Buffer Pool I/O

Understanding DB2 for LUW Buffer Pool I/O You will get virtually no argument from anybody that buffer pool management is important to good DB2 and application performance. Large buffer pools are a well known wisdom. There are many ideas on buffer pool management, including the number of...

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Reducing Bursts of Writes in DB2 for z/OS

Over the years DB2 buffer pools have dramatically increased in size to support ever increasing DB2 workloads. It is common today for DB2 installations to have multiple DB2 subsystems/members, each with several large buffer pools. In many cases, an installation will have buffer pools containing...

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[F01] DB2 10 Buffer Tuning Using DB2 10 and 11

This session discusses how to tune DB2 buffer pools using DB2 10, with some insight into future changes coming in DB2 11. We'll discuss the various techniques for managing DB2's deferred writes and how DB2 11 will enable you to more effectively protect your OLTP buffer hit ratios while DB2...


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[D09] What in the world is a page! An introduction to the life of a DB2 page.

This presentation aims to provide the audience with an end to end view of how DB2 manages data both in memory and on disk. With an overview of how buffer pools and table spaces work together, and an explanation of the different types of I/O, the audience will leave with a better understanding...