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Techniques to move Db2 data from PROD to TEST (and related considerations)

In large scale organizations, it is often necessary to move data from Db2 Production subsystems to Test subsystems. Of the various technologies that are available to achieve this business objective, circumstances determine which is most appropriate. Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to...

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Recovering Accidentally Dropped Table

One of the most painful experiences in the work life of a database administrator (DBA) is probably the accidental drop of a database object on a production subsystem. Most IT shops have procedures to prevent this occurrence, yet it still happens. When it does happen, it is crucial to recover the...

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EMEA Conference - CA Technologies DB2 User Day

CA Technologies DB2 User Day CA experts will update you on mainframe trends, the latest developments in CA Database Management, a look into the future of CA products and insight into how your peers have solved real problems with CA Technologies Solutions for DB2. Sign up for this FREE event...