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Deprecated Objects and APPLCOMPAT

Deprecated Objects and APPLCOMPAT DBA's are notoriously conservative when it comes to migrating data to new types of objects. Our theme seems to be "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" IBM has decided to encourage those of us on DB2 for z/OS to migrate our data to Universal Table Spaces (UTS)...

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The awesome power of Alter table in DB2 12 for z/OS

In the early days of DB2 for z/OS, pretty much every change to a table would result in an unload-drop-recreate-load of the table. This article will talk about how the ALTER table in DB2 12 for z/OS has evolved from DB2 11 for z/OS and what you need to know from a practical point of view. In...

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DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS

Last year, I think it was in March 2016, IBM introduced a new certification test for DB2 for z/OS - C2090-320 DB2 11 Fundamentals for z/OS. It is an entry level test that opens the door for other more advanced certifications, like DB2 Database or System Administration. Before this test was...

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SQL to create GRANT statements to copy table data privileges (SEL/INS/UPD/DEL only) from one schema to another. Resulting statements are longer than 72 characters/line.

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[F10] Prepare to Repair

At least once during your career as a DBA, you will bei exposed to a situation where your well prepared recovery jobs fail. Better to have a “plan B” ready to execute rather than falling back to reading the manuals and the diagnosis guide. This presentation explains the usage of the Repair...


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[F13] DB2 Scripting Hacks: Make Your DBA life easier with scripts

Make your life simpler with scripting the day to day jobs and DB2. Master the tricky quoting of params in Windows and different Unix shells. Use pipes for redirected restores and parse DB2 output to feed it back into other programs.


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[A17] Sleep tight while CA Database Analyzer works hard

Automation tools have been used to collect detailed statistics to accurately generate the needed housekeeping procedures for space administration, reorganization among other tasks. Most customers have an increasing number of objects – and these are increasing in size too, so how do you still...


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[F06] Explaining Tuning Results to the C-level

Although the DBA’s tuning efforts often result in both a decrease of CPU consumption and end user response times, the percption of DBA activities at the C-level sometimes is more of the kind “why didn’t they do that before?”. This presentation helps you to better understand the C-level...


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ODOT's "DB2 DBA's Assistant" plus "CRM ISPF Productivity Tool"

Oregon Department of Transportation's DB2 DBA's Assistant & CRM ISPF Productivity Tool Version 1.0 (DB2v8) November 5, 2007 Version 1.1 (DB2v8) May 14, 2010 V ersion 2.0 (DB2v9) April 2012 Contact: Cliff Boley, Email: ...


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DB2 LUW Storage Management: Technology Preview

This presentation will dive into storage management and administration in DB2 LUW. A detailed, holistic look into storage will be provided, followed by a preview of new exciting features and capabilities planned for DB2's next release. Topics of discussion will include: Compression to the max ...