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Feature Engineering for initial insights

Whether you’re a seasoned Db2 professional or you’re just beginning, keeping up with Db2 metrics is no trivial task, and you will have to become familiar with lots of metrics, parameter names and meaningful numbers if you want to be successful and have a deep understanding of your environment,...

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The Data Tech Summit at the IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Malta

Author: Eberhard Hechler The IDUG Db2 Tech Conference is not only about Db2 anymore. In the past, the scope was limited to pure Db2-related in-depth functions and features for DBAs and application programmers, such as tips and tricks on Db2 performance optimization, understanding Db2 logging,...

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R You Ready to be a Data Scientist?

In this session from the 2016 IDUG North American Conference, IDUG President Paul Turpin answers the following questions, and more. The job market for data scientists is hot, but what exactly are they? More importantly, how can a data scientist work with DB2? The R language is mentioned a lot...

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