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Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partition 2, Living with PBGs

Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partition 2, Living with PBGs In Part 1 of this blog we looked at the different ways to create or convert to Partition by Growth (PBG) table spaces. In this part we will review the advantages and disadvantages of PBGs, when it might be appropriate to use them...

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IDUG EMEA 2018 Wrap-up

Written by: Mateja Jankovič, IDUG EMEA 2018 Conference Chair The 2018 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference took place in St. Julians, Malta, November 4 – 8, where History & Present are combined . Malta is at the edge of Europe but it was often in the center of the history what reflects on...

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IDUG EMEA Lisbon 2017 Wrap Up

The 2017 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal October 1-5 . This event drew 15% more attendees than the previous year from around the world to be immersed in 4 days of Db2 education and training, new and emerging technologies and the opportunity to network with other tech...

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New IDUG Tech Talk - DB2 for z/OS Disaster Recovery for the Rest of Us

Join Judy Ruby-Brown as she gives a thorough overview of system level backup and using FlashCopy for disaster recovery as provided by various vendors. This presentation is quite thorough but yet very easy to understand, even for a beginner. Judy explains the types of services that need to be...

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reTHINK migration - Part I of II

Very funny animated video on the tale of two villagers who want to break free from the baron\\'s taxes and flee to the wonderful town of DB2, over on the other side of migration mountain. Visit to learn more.

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reTHINK Migration Part II of II

Conclusion of a two part series that tells the story of two villagers who break free from the baron\\'s taxes in the Town of Orrible and flee to the wonderful town of DB2 where they flourish. Visit to learn how hundreds of Oracle database customers have moved to DB2 and lowered...

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Break Free with IBM DB2 9.7

Watch and see how your company can break free from Oracle's rising costs, and gain business benefits, with IBM DB2 9.7.

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ExecTalk: IBM Data Studio Trends and Directions

VP Curt Cotner is interviewed by Rav Ahuja about future trends and strategy for IBM Data Studio. ... IBM Data Studio DB2 IDUG Curt Cotner rav Ahuja Dallas Oracle MySQL

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Mashups - Creativity vs. Control

An excerpt from the keynote address by Curt Cotner at IDUG north America Conference (May 2008 in Dallas). In this segment Curt talks about IBM Mashup technology. ... Mashups Hub InfoSphere Lotus data DB2 IDUG Curt Cotner Rav Ahuja Data Studio

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How to Monitor Your Data Sharing System, with Tips and Tools to Help! (Part 1 of 2)

Monitoring a data sharing system can be a daunting, time consuming task. But there is a real need to keep track of how your data sharing system is performing. There are a lot of performance indicators to monitor and check. This presentation discusses the major mechanisms in data sharing global...