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How Much is Enough REAL Storage

Over the years as Db2 has traded real storage exploitation for CPU and zIIP MIPS reductions, customers have become more aggressive at utilizing these techniques. Db2 buffer pool expansion, EDM and authorization cache pools, as well as persisting threads through the use of KEEPDYNAMIC and RELEASE...

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Migrating a database using continuous rolling forward

In most traditional migrations towards a new environment, one will most probably come up with the most current ideas to get the job done, but what about migrating a multi-terabyte sized database with a minimal down time? First, we opted to set up HADR, but that would imply a second down time...

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Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partición 1, el comienzo

Universal Table Space (UTS) El concepto de Universal Table Space (UTS) fue introducido en Db2 9 para unir las ventajas de table spaces particionados, donde pueden tener una capacidad mayor a 64Gb, y table spaces segmentados que tienen el beneficio de gestión de los spacemaps dentro de...

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Simple DBA Tools for the Db2 DBA

I spend every day of my life since 1990 as a Db2 DBA both on Db2 for z/OS and Db2 for LUW. Most of this time has been in support of various application teams as they build systems that use Db2 as their data store. During that time, I’ve collected a lot of knowledge that makes my job easier and...

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Given a table partitioned by ascending date with a highest Limit Key = 'MAXVALUE' create alter statements ALTER TABLE [a.b] ALTER PARTITION [n] ENDING AT ('yyyy-mm-dd'); to bring table/partition limit keys up to the most recent possible period. * Statements sequenced in descending order by ...

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What Does a DB2 Beginner Need to Learn?

There are several categories of DB2 beginner. You might be a novice programmer, or an experienced programmer who is new to database access. Or, you might have experience with a different DBMS, but not DB2. Others might be new DBAs, either with or without programming experience. How long do...

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IBM Data Studio – Introduction to the IDAA Plug-In by Billy Sundarrajan

Check out this article by Billy Sundarrajan that will introduce you to the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Studio. This graphical user interface (GUI) is used for the administration of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS. It is available as a plug-in for Data Studio v3.2 or v4.1. The latest ...

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Help Learning to use IBM Data Studio

IBM Data Studio is a no-charge download that provides lots of functionality for working with DB2 databases on all platforms. IBM Data Studio is built on the Eclipse IDE and is therefore fairly easy for Java Developers to learn and use since many Java development tools are also built on this...

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IDUG 25th Anniversary 7 Tips for DB2 Performance by Dave Beulke

As DB2 reaches its 30 th anniversary and IDUG reaches its 25 th anniversary, I’ve thought about many DB2 tips and best practices that have been incorporated by companies, projects and applications that have led to great successes. The ones that have been most common and have had the greatest...