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Nota del editor: Este artículo fue publicado originalmente en inglés . Con la aprobación del autor, el equipo de IDUG ha creado la traducción que a continuación se presenta. El contenido de este artículo es de aplicación Db2 12 for z/OS y Universal Table Spaces (UTS) Es...

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Db2 SQL for the DBA

Db2 SQL for the DBA - Using Modern SQL for DBA Tasks Recent releases of Db2 have introduced new SQL functionality that improves the functionality and productivity of application developers. But the DBA can also take advantage of some of the “new” Db2 SQL to improve their own productivity. ...

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Aspirations for Being a Lazy DBA? Maybe DevOps is the Answer!

Aspirations for Being a Lazy DBA? Maybe DevOps is the Answer! Julia Carter When I was much younger, even more naïve and less cynical than I am now, I was amazed by one of my colleagues who created some ISPF panels with some REXX and Cobol behind them to automate the process to accomplish one...

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Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partition 1, Getting Started

Partition By Growth Table Spaces - Partition 1, Getting Started Universal Table Space (UTS) Universal Table Spaces (UTS) were introduced in Db2 9 to bring together the advantages of partitioned table spaces, where you can have a capacity >64Gb, and segmented table...

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Db2 12 Migration and Continuous Delivery

Beginning with your migration to Db2 12 for z/OS, you will be embarking on a new journey called continuous delivery. This new way of delivering new features into IBM program products such as Db2 for z/OS will change the migration process and the way you deal with applications going forward....

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DBADM can maintain all database objects … but not really?

As many other I got challenged to set up a database architecture. Not only database objects related, describing the different environments was also asked and there was an urgent need for a decent security setup to support rollouts in general. First thing on my agenda was to move the...

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Are you making the most of your Profile Tables for Db2 z/OS?

With the ever increasing number of features and functions being added to Db2 for z/OS it’s easy to overlook the finer points of some of those features. Take in point the “Profile Tables”. You can create profiles to selectively control groups of distributed (DBAT) threads and connections, set...

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The awesome power of Alter table in DB2 12 for z/OS

In the early days of DB2 for z/OS, pretty much every change to a table would result in an unload-drop-recreate-load of the table. This article will talk about how the ALTER table in DB2 12 for z/OS has evolved from DB2 11 for z/OS and what you need to know from a practical point of view. In...

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It's Not Your Daddy's DB2 - Challenges of DB2 in the Digital Age

Over the course of the past several releases of DB2 for z/OS, IBM has added many features and capabilities that are transforming the platform. This presentation takes a look at the big changes that have been introduced to DB2 including new SQL, universal table spaces, improved security, and more...

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Designing Large OLTP Databases for Performance

I know the trend is to use NoSQL for a lot of big data storage these days, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to go for every situation. At least not yet. For highly-available high-performance transactional systems we also need a great deal of reliability. DB2 on the mainframe has been...

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