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Microservice Architectures and Performance Models

Microservice architectures are trending. We need to consider how this impacts the performance of our applications and the databases we build to support them. What is a Microservice? Over the past decade or so, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been one of the prevalent application...

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DB2ClearOS - The All in One DB2 Express-C Web Stack Appliance.

DB2ClearOS - The All in One DB2 Express-C Web Stack Appliance. Watch the Promo Video below - HD recommended Download the Appliance here Enjoy the DB2ClearOS Appliance Experience Anil Mahadev DB2ClearOS...

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Break Free with IBM DB2 9.7

Watch and see how your company can break free from Oracle's rising costs, and gain business benefits, with IBM DB2 9.7.

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reTHINK migration - Part I of II

Very funny animated video on the tale of two villagers who want to break free from the baron\\'s taxes and flee to the wonderful town of DB2, over on the other side of migration mountain. Visit to learn more.

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reTHINK Migration Part II of II

Conclusion of a two part series that tells the story of two villagers who break free from the baron\\'s taxes in the Town of Orrible and flee to the wonderful town of DB2 where they flourish. Visit to learn how hundreds of Oracle database customers have moved to DB2 and lowered...

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Scott Davis wins the DB2 Compression Challenge

Few words from Scott Davis, Senior DB2 DBA at Blue Cross Blue Shield and winner of the IDUG's Deep Compression Challenge '07. ... DB2 Viper Deep Compression Challenge Scott Davis Blue Crosss Shield IDUG database

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Security Enhancements in DB2 Viper 2 - Part I

Walid Rjaibi being interviewed by Rav Ahuja about security enhancements in DB2 Viper 2. Part I covers Database Roles and Trusted Context. ... DB2 Viper security enhancements database roles trusted context auditing LBAC future

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Siemens using SAP on DB2

By moving its SAP applications to DB2, Siemens has experienced better performance, lower hardware costs and a lower SAP total cost of ownership. ... DB2 SAP Siemens database Viper