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How to Avoid Dramatic Access Path Changes in DB2 for z/OS Dynamic SQL (or at Least Fix Them Quickly)

By Kurt Struyf, Lone Star Consulting This article is based on a recent tuning engagement at a customer site and describes the countermeasures that were enacted to restore system performance. Those countermeasures include a daily process to establish an access path baseline and sample jobs...

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Evolution of Data Warehousing - Part I

Rav Ahuja interviews Bill O'Connell, CTO of Data Warehousing at IBM Information Management. In Part 1, Bill provides an overview of what's new in Warehousing. Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3. ... IBM Data Warehousing Dynamic InfoSphere DB2 Viper Bill O'Connell Rav Ahuja

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Demystifying the Dynamic Statement Cache

The Dynamic Statement Cache in DB2 has the potential to greatly improve performance for dynamic SQL. As with most things, there are tradeoffs and costs to be considered with this DB2 feature. Meanwhile, the implementation of the cache often changes from release to release. This technical session...