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Conference period

With the risk that I will be accused to be doing nothing else but promoting our conferences, since we have 3 this month, it is hard not to write about them. First of all we had our live stream event at the Toronto labs earlier this week. We consider it a huge success as we had over 500...

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Thank you!

This is the note that comes with mixed feelings as it is the last one I write as IDUG’s president. It has been an extremely busy year that has absolutely flown by with much joy. I’m not saying that previous president’s that I talk to lied about how much work there would be, but let’s say they...

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[F15] Get most out of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: Customer and PoC Experiences

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator enables premium performance for Data Warehousing and analytical applications in DB2 for z/OS. The accelerator's ecosystem has been enriched by additional features to apply changes from DB2 for z/OS continuously as well as to act as a high-performance storage...


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The IDUG Board of Directors slate for 2013-2014

The IDUG Board of Directors slate for 2013-2014 has been approved. IDUG is an Independent, not-for-profit, user-run organization. Volunteers run every committee, up to and including the IDUG Board of Directors. The 2013-2014 Board of Directors slate is made up of volunteers who actually...

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Don't Forget to Vote!

The IDUG Board of Directors slate is posted for 2012 - 2013. Voting will close on Sunday, May 13, 2012, and will be announced at the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Denver. You can cast your vote here !