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Machine Learning with IBM Db2: Building and Deploying a Linear Regression Model

In this demonstration, we’ll use a Jupyter Notebook from IBM Watson Studio to show how you can build a Linear Regression model inside Db2. We will use the GoSales dataset where the Machine Learning task is to predict the purchase amount for each customer based on demographic information and...

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Feature Engineering for initial insights

Whether you’re a seasoned Db2 professional or you’re just beginning, keeping up with Db2 metrics is no trivial task, and you will have to become familiar with lots of metrics, parameter names and meaningful numbers if you want to be successful and have a deep understanding of your environment,...

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Modern indexes for modern data

Modern indexes for modern data The age of data is here, and though it actually started several decades ago, we can say that data is evolving, perhaps too quickly, and the need to understand it is increasing. There is a lot of research on new trends, new ways to store a table, new ways to...

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Bring Intelligence to Where Critical Transactions Run – An Update from Machine Learning for z/OS

Bring Intelligence to Where Critical Transactions Run – An Update from Machine Learning for z/OS Authors: Kewei Wei(魏可伟), Senior Technical Staff Member, Lead Architect of Machine Learning for z/OS, IBM China Development Lab; Guanjun Cai, Information architect and developer for IBM...

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Índices Modernos para Datos Modernos

La era de los datos está aquí, y aunque tal vez haya empezado hace varias décadas, podemos decir que los datos están evolucionando y posiblemente muy rápido, y a su vez, la necesidad de entender estos datos es cada vez mayor. Existe mucha investigación sobre estas tendencias, nuevas maneras de...

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Apache Spark and IBM Machine Learning on z/OS

Article by George Wang, IBM and Kewei Wei, IBM Introduction Analytics is increasingly an integral part of day-to-day operations at today's leading businesses, and transformation is also occurring through huge growth in mobile and digital channels. Enterprise organizations are...

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Learning Machine Learning

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field of the computer science, which has many far-reaching applications. Unless you've been living in a cave, you have probably heard a lot about Machine Learning (ML) in the last couple of years. Of course, there are many relevant materials available as...

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