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Designing Large OLTP Databases for Performance

I know the trend is to use NoSQL for a lot of big data storage these days, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to go for every situation. At least not yet. For highly-available high-performance transactional systems we also need a great deal of reliability. DB2 on the mainframe has been...

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[A07] DB2 V11 Performance enhancement with autonomic free space management feature

Free space management is an essential technique used in the DB2 data base management that improves performance of OLTP transactions. DB2 V11 for z/os provides space management enhancement that reduces indirect reference resulting in improved query performance. The presenter will provide a...


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[F03] Data archived, yet accessible in real-time

We are all witnessing boundaries between OLTP and OLAP applications more and more blurring. Many of today enterprise level applications share the same challenge: manage vast amounts of data, maintain high performance results and keep historical data only a click away. We bring a production...