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Db2 12 Migration and Continuous Delivery

Beginning with your migration to Db2 12 for z/OS, you will be embarking on a new journey called continuous delivery. This new way of delivering new features into IBM program products such as Db2 for z/OS will change the migration process and the way you deal with applications going forward....

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A Migration Changing the Hardware Architecture under DB2

Sometimes, a database must be moved to a new physical home. This can mean new processors, new disk subsystems or sometimes just a new design and architecture on the same hardware or same type of hardware. This article discusses these migrations and some techniques and tools available to migrate...

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How Up to Date is Your IBM Data Studio? by Phil Nelson

At the time of writing (July 2015) the latest version of Data Studio is and it is common thinking that with that version installed that you have the latest public version of IBM Data Studio. Going into IBM Installation Manager and searching for updates would also give this impression,...

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How to improve Java ORM SQL Performance on DB2 for z/OS

Introduction For the past 30 years, our focus as DB2 for z/OS database administrators has been on the support of COBOL programs with static queries that were relatively easy to control as they were identical throughout the business logic. Static SQL provided persisted access paths in the...