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What's New In Recovery and Availability : Db2 V11.1.2.2

by: Michael Roecken and David Sciaraffa With the many new features introduced in, not to be overlooked are some of the enhancements made in the area of Recovery and Availability. The team has been hard at work: Trying to provide earlier access to your data after a...

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DB2 LUW Version Preview Features by George Baklarz

DB2 LUW Version Preview Features It's inevitable that you see a couple of DB2 Fix Packs every year and place the readme document in a drawer somewhere for perusal later when you are not busy. While the Fix Packs may contain fixes (well that is what they are primarily meant for,...

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Recovering Accidentally Dropped Table

One of the most painful experiences in the work life of a database administrator (DBA) is probably the accidental drop of a database object on a production subsystem. Most IT shops have procedures to prevent this occurrence, yet it still happens. When it does happen, it is crucial to recover the...

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Do You Really Need That Extra Copy of the Database?

How many copies of your databases do you have? I’m talking about both how many test databases with test data as well as full copies of your production data. In many shops, developers are well behaved and get along nicely. They share test databases. If they have to have their own data to play...

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[F10] Prepare to Repair

At least once during your career as a DBA, you will bei exposed to a situation where your well prepared recovery jobs fail. Better to have a “plan B” ready to execute rather than falling back to reading the manuals and the diagnosis guide. This presentation explains the usage of the Repair...


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[F14] Reduce your Application Backup Window with a Snap

In this session we will share our experience on a implementation of a new Application backup Strategy which survives through the years independent of data growth and without increasing the Application Backup window. Objective Describe the different solutions tested The different aspects...


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[D11] DB2 Recovery - what is inside this magic box

This presentation will describe the recovery options available today, working through examples of each and describe why you would use one over the other.