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IDUG Tech Talk: "I'm a DBA, not a Developer!" – with Apologies to Dr. Leonard McCoy

DBAs frequently get called on to develop “quick” database scripts and programs, never mind that we don’t have the time, the tools, or the training. From a quick, little runstats script in ksh, to a full blown application to load data or “fix a few rows”, it seems that if it is in the...

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Some helpful DB2 LUW sql and db2cos script discussion

Attached is a copy of my slide-deck for the DB2’s Got Talent - 2016 contest Hope the sample code content is useful

Some helpful DB2 LUW sql and db2cos script discussion.pdf

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db2perf_wait.db2 - show DB2 LUW wait time percentage breakdown

The Time Spent hierarchy in DB2 LUW is a great way to understand where your system is busy or where it's waiting, and more metrics are added to it on a regular basis. This script captures the entire DB2 10.5 wait time hierarchy, showing by % where time is spent. It uses delta...

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DB2 LUW - (MS Windows) PowerShell Script for Generating and Executing Runstats

The script Drive RunstatScript.cmd will control the execution of the ps1 members, the parameter labelled "ameddev" is my database name, so replace that with your database name. Also this script is the member scheduled in MS Windows Scheduler. The script RunstatScriptbld.ps1 will generate...

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Reorganize partitioned table script

A script to reorganize each partition one by one in a datapartioned table while allowing read access. Works on DB2 9.7 and earlier. This script can be further modified to your needs.

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[F13] DB2 Scripting Hacks: Make Your DBA life easier with scripts

Make your life simpler with scripting the day to day jobs and DB2. Master the tricky quoting of params in Windows and different Unix shells. Use pipes for redirected restores and parse DB2 output to feed it back into other programs.