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How to get started with Db2 for z/OS and Apache Spark on a distributed platform

The need of organized, automated and user friendly data wrangling and data visualization has had an exponential growth in the data community, if you allow me to say that anyone working with data and the need to show or the need to manage and protect it is already part of the “data community”,...

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Apache Spark and IBM Machine Learning on z/OS

Article by George Wang, IBM and Kewei Wei, IBM Introduction Analytics is increasingly an integral part of day-to-day operations at today's leading businesses, and transformation is also occurring through huge growth in mobile and digital channels. Enterprise organizations are...

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Learning Machine Learning

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field of the computer science, which has many far-reaching applications. Unless you've been living in a cave, you have probably heard a lot about Machine Learning (ML) in the last couple of years. Of course, there are many relevant materials available as...

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Benefits of Apache Spark on Z Systems

At the IDUG North American conference in May, 2016, George Wang gave a presentation showcasing how Apache Spark can be used in conjunction with high volume OLTP database technologies like DB2 for z/OS. I had a minor problem getting the video capture started, but didn't miss any of the great...

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Using Apache Spark with DB2 for z/OS and z Systems Data

Apache Spark has become a very hot topic in the world of Big Data Analytics. It is seen as an alternative to Map/Reduce with superior performance due to more in-memory processing, and as a means to perform analytics that combine a wide set of data sources. IDUG had a one-day track of Spark...

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